RODI Italian Restaurant

Have you tried this fabulous new restaurant? Chef Rob Michaels (his name is really Roberto) and his wife Jodi are the owner’s of RODI Italian Restaurant here in Loveland, Ohio.


Here is a little trivia for you. Are you curious what RODI means in Italian? Well, it actually doesn’t really mean anything (in Italian). The name RODI however, actually means everything and it is a result of the love put into this restaurant. RODI is a combination of the owner’s names. Rob (RO) and Jodi (DI). As a result, the name RODI was created. When you stop by you will probably be greeted by Jodi and see Chef Rob busy in the kitchen.


First of all, the food is high quality and amazing. This is probably the closest food experience you can get to actually dining in Italy.  Enjoy a gambit of Italian specialties from the best fish to the finest pasta to wood fired pizzas. Make sure you try their pasta that is made fresh in house and from scratch. With the exception of the gnocci and lasagna, they can make any pasta dish gluten free. BONUS!

In addition to the amazing pasta, their pizzas are also of the highest quality. Made with dough made in house, the pizzas are baked at 900 degrees in their wood fired pizza oven. Rob is very proud of his pizza because it was custom made for them in Italy.  You will be hard pressed to find a better pizza oven (or pizza) in the area. 

Additionally, no Italian meal is complete without wine. Do you like a nice Montepulciano? They have that. True to the most discerning Italian palate, they have several Italian wines as well as good selection of California wines.


Finally, no Italian dining experience is complete without and espresso or cappuccino. Their coffee will put Starbucks to shame.  


The patio is also available (weather permitting) for a wonderful outdoor dining experience.