Orange Theory Fitness

What is Orangetheory? Try a FREE class and they will tell you. It is an Interval Based Training System. Another way to describe an Orangetheory the workout is a high intensity circuit training. 

They have broken workouts into 5 zones based on your heart rate. The 5 zone, heart rate interval based training system concentrates on zones 3, 4, and 5. It is efficient and is one of the best work outs you will ever get during in an hour.

The zones are simplified into the colors GREY (zone 1), BLUE (zone 2), GREEN (zone 3), ORANGE (zone 4), and RED (zone 5).

The “ORANGE zone” (zone 4) is where you want to be to burn calories throughout your day. Ideally you want to spend at least 12 minutes in this zone to achieve the best results. That means for 12 minutes your heart rate needs to be elevated to 84% in order to burn the most calories.

You will choose (or be assigned) a station with a number. This number corresponds with your station. You will be timed as you rotate between 3 different stations during your workout. Workouts are done on various exercise equipment including rowers, treadmills, bikes and striders. The floor part of the workout always incorporates your body weight.

 However, you may be asked to use dumb bells, TRX, Bosu, resistance straps, benches or ab dollies. Generally on the rowers, treadmills, bikes and striders is where you will earn your “splat points”.

So what are “splat points”? Splat points are the minutes you spend in the ORANGE zone (zone 4). They are like the little stars your first grade teacher passed out when you did a good job. In this case they are your reward for achieving minutes in the ORANGE zone. It may sound silly but you WILL work hard to earn those splat points.

One of the best things about an Orangetheory workout is that it is never the same. Generally there are 3 types of workouts including: Strength, Power and Endurance. Each of these workouts are different including the coaches that teach them and the music that is played during the workout. One thing is for sure. You won’t be bored.