Living In Cincinnati Ohio Pros and Cons

Are you thinking about moving to Cincinnati and are looking for someone to tell you what it’s really like to live here? In this episode of Cincy Uncensored, I’m going to share some of the great things—and not so great things—about living in Cincinnati. I’ll also tell you the top 10 reasons why people love living in this great city.

The Top 10 Reasons People Love Living In Cincinnati

Cost Of Living

I’d have to say the top reason that people love living here is the cost of living. Cincinnati is probably one of the most affordable places in the country to own a home. The taxes are much lower than in other areas of the country, with a three-bedroom, two-bath home landing at about $195,000.

Sports And Travel

The second reason people love living here is that we have all the major league sports. Cincinnati is home to the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals. We also have FC Cincinnati, our professional soccer team, as well as the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey team. Third, people love our large international airport. While technically the airport’s in Kentucky, it has all the major carriers as well as some low-cost carriers. So if you want, you can just hop on a flight, get down to Florida or somewhere fun, and spend under a hundred dollars.

Jobs And Drinks

The fourth reason people like living here is we have a lot of large corporations, including Procter & Gamble, General Electric, and Kroger. Because of that, we have a lot of job opportunities at any time throughout the city. Fifth, and probably one of my favorite reasons, is that we have great beer and great bourbon. Cincinnati was just voted as the best city in the nation for beer drinkers. We have so many local breweries including Rhinegeist, Mt. Carmel, and Moerlein Lager House, all centered right here in Cincinnati. 

If beer is not your thing, we also have a lot of great bourbon. The Bourbon Trail is just over the river in Kentucky, and you can get great bourbon at pretty much any bar or restaurant in the area. Some of my favorites would be Four Roses or Woodford Reserve, all right down the street. We don’t have Napa Valley, but we do have bourbon.

Fun And Food

The sixth thing that makes Cincinnati great is that there’s always plenty to do. If you’re looking for great food and nightlife, you can always go down to Over-The-Rhine. If you are more into sports and that kind of thing, we have a flying pig marathon every year. Pigs are a thing here in Cincinnati, and we also have the largest October Fest in the world outside of Munich, Germany. There’s always something going on here with lots of events at all times of the year.

The seventh reason people love living here is the food. We have our Cincinnati chili such as Gold Star and Skyline, which are very famous. We also have Graeter’s ice Cream and Aglamesis. If you just want to visit a really nice restaurant, there are plenty of options and you can find them anywhere throughout the city. Over-The-Rhine has a lot of great restaurants and that’s probably one of my favorite places to go to eat.

Education, Parks, And Diversity

The eighth reason people like to live here is education. We have some great universities here including the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and Miami University. They’re all right here and they’re all highly rated. 

We also have a really great park system. Our city parks are amazing. We have the Smale Riverfront Park where there’s always something to do, including concerts and a great playground for the kids. Finally, the 10th reason people like living here is we have a lot of diverse neighborhoods. You can get a very different feel when you go to Over-The-Rhine or another popular neighborhood, Northside. We also have Hyde Park, Mount Lookout, and Oakley. All these places are great and very different and unique in their own way.

The Cons Of Living In Cincinnati

The biggest con about living here in Cincinnati is probably the weather. We do have four seasons, and that can be very nice. However, we often have four seasons in one day—which can be a little bit frustrating.

If you can deal with the weather, then maybe you won’t mind the fact that we have a lack of public transportation. We do have a city bus system, but other than that, you’re pretty limited as to how you’re going to get around. If I need to go to the city from the suburbs, then I will just drive. It’s not too hard to find parking, though the cost for the day might run you $20. You can sometimes find free parking, but that’s going to take you some time. There are a lot of meter parking spots as well.

Is Cincinnati Right For You?

I hope this gave you some insight into the pros and cons of living here in Cincinnati. We help people every day like you buy and sell real estate in Cincinnati, and I’d love to help you too. If you have any questions about Cincinnati, please don’t hesitate to ask as I’m always available to help. 

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