Joseph Beth Booksellers

Are you looking for a special gift?

Hi I’m Suzi Cree with Keller Williams Realty and I help people buy and sell real estate in Cincinnati.

Welcome to Walk About Wednesday where each week, I bring you to a special spot in Cincinnati so you can get idea of some great places to visit in the area.

Today we are at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Hyde Park.

This is one of the best bookstores ever. While on the exterior it looks like a big fancy chain bookstore it is actually locally owned. In fact, this is the only Joseph Beth store in Cincinnati.
Inside is warm and inviting. I love coming here anytime of the year, but it is especially nice during the holidays.
Besides finding your favorite reads, you can find so many wonderful gifts. There are a lot of Cincinnati gifts and their restaurant is fantastic. You could easily spend the day here.