Holtman’s Donuts

If you make donuts you will never starve

Charles Holtman, the founder of Holtman’s donuts said “If you make donuts you will never starve.” Founded in 1960, Holtman’s donuts has been in business for years. They strive to maintain their old-fashioned way of making donuts. Made with the best ingredients each piece of dough is hand weighed with a baker’s scale. Their recipes are not written down but passed down from generation to generation. Everything from the dough, to the icings, custards and white fillings are made from scratch. Created with a watchful eye (not a timer) the donuts are artfully crafted.

It’s time to make the donuts!

Holtman’s donuts has just about any flavor of donut you are looking for. They have the traditional glazed donuts, chocolate covered donuts, cake donuts and even maple bacon donuts. My personal favorites are the chocolate covered donuts with the white icing filling. If danishes are more your style, they have several types to choose from. Danishes include the traditional cheese, to strawberry and blueberry.

You are almost guaranteed to get a fresh hot donut in the morning. However, you can also pick up a hot donut later in the day. Insider’s tip… around 3:00PM they fire up the vats and prepare a new batch for the late afternoon and evening patrons.

Family owned and operated

Holtman’s is still family owned and operated today, with a rich history right here in Loveland. Holtman’s is currently owned by Charles’ daughter Toni and her husband Chuck. Their son Danny has continued the family business with his wife, Katie, with the opening of the Over the Rhine, West Chester, and Oakley locations.

Daughter’s Lorrie and Becky also work in the shops. Stop in and you will be sure to be greeted by one of the Holmans in person.

There are several locations throughout Cincinnati including Over the Rhine, West Chester, and Oakley. We are lucky to have a Holtman’s right here in Loveland OH. Holtman’s is a Cincinnati treasure.