Fountain Square Ice Skating

Hi I’m Suzi Cree with Keller Williams Realty and I help people buy and sell real estate in Cincinnati.

Welcome to Walk About Wednesday where each week, I bring you to a special spot in Cincinnati so you can get ideas of some great places to visit in the area.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is coming to Fountain Square in Cincinnati. You always know it is the holiday season when the ice rink opens. The skating rink opens just before Thanksgiving and remains open through February. So… you have plenty of time to enjoy this popular winter event.

There is also a giant Christmas tree set up as a center piece.

However, as you know, this year is very different and this tree reflects that.

It is certainly the saddest tree to ever grace Fountain Square, however I do applaud the humor behind it.

I mean it’s been that kind of a year, so let’s just embrace it for what it is.